The “Kill Bill” Training Problem

I love the “Kill Bill” movies. I love all of the fight scenes. I love how the protagonist is so strong and resourceful- she really does achieve her goal against all odds. Beautiful.

There’s a scene in one of the films where the character Beatrix Kiddo (Uma Thurman) is in training to be the most badass assassin ever. Her instructor tells her to break a thick board from an inch away. It takes her days, leaving her hand so damaged she can barely eat rice.

Beatrix finds success after her instructor tells her that she is fearing the wood, when the wood should be fearing her.

Best training advice ever.

I think about it a lot when I’m suffering through burpees or box jumps or whatever it is that’s making me struggle to breathe and making my body feel on fire.

Today I had a classic “Kill Bill” training problem.

Mondays are a tough training day for me. I’m generally sore from the three hour suffer fest that I call Sunday nights. And Monday night classes are hard too- a sexy style pole class with Sasha followed by a bootcamp-style conditioning class with Becca.

I’ve done this particular workout before, but for some reason it was hurting more than usual. I started asking myself things like “why is this so hard?”

Wrong question.

The training was not harder than usual. I was tired and sore, which made me afraid of the workout. A surefire way to be sloppy.

Instead of focusing on finishing it- and finishing it correctly, gracefully, and without grimacing- which is critical in any type of dance- I was focusing on how much it hurt.

Halfways through class, I realized what I was doing and started asking better training questions, like “How can I make this better? Could I get that a little lower? Can I bring my foot a little higher? Are my toes pointed?”

The difference was obvious and immediate.

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