Head Stands

Lately, it seems like every spare moment I have is on my head. Literally.

I first started learning head stands on the pole a few months ago- they are pretty straightforward. You grab the pole, make a tripod with your forearms, and kick your legs up to the pole.

The next step is to be able to press your legs up- lifting them instead of kicking them.

I tried a press up. I failed spectacularly. My feet flailed about an inch or so off the ground before immediately thumping back down. Coupled with the fact that my bottom was sticking straight up in the air, it looked truly ridiculous.

Looking ridiculous has never stopped me from trying things before, so I kept trying. Nothing except a head rush and slight dizziness from being upside down for too long.

I decided to try It backwards- kicking up and then slowly lowering my legs to the ground. I got about half ways down before awkwardly falling.

I asked Estee Zakar after a pole class how to nail the press- up headstand. She said the secret is in tucking your hips, and recommended I practice against a wall at home.

The first time I kicked up against the wall, the force when I hit it pushed me right back down. It took some adjustment to be able to do a kick up onto the wall. I finally felt my legs straight above my head, for a moment, before slowly falling sideways like a tree being chopped down.

I’m getting closer. I still can’t press up, but I can get further trying to lower my legs back down. My daily routine has become a headstand obsession- Wake up, do a few headstands. Shower, do a few headstands. Eat breakfast, do a few headstands. I abstain from headstands at work, but then I come home, do a few headstands, scarf down some food, do a few more headstands, and then train for a few hours (which usually includes at least a few headstands).

I’ll let you know when I can do a my press up headstand!

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