With my performance less than two weeks away, I am starting to a panic about a number of things. Specifically, at the moment, I am panicking about what to wear..

The bigger issue here is that I only have a vague idea of what I want. So far my criteria is something blue (to keep with the theme of the song title, Kiss the Sky) and… well, and nothing. That’s all I’ve got.

Last week I ordered what I thought was a matching blue set of shorts and a sports bra. They arrived. They don’t match. I also got a loose top to wear over the bra- which also doesn’t match anything. Apparently I need more practice at online shopping.

While the clock is ticking on me figuring out what to wear, I’m starting to develop a new concern- how to do my make-up.

I don’t wear a lot of make-up ever. Frequently I don’t wear makeup at all. My brother recently got married, and the amount of make-up that my mom put on my face made me uncomfortable. My Dad quipped that we could go the car wash to rinse it off after the wedding, which felt right- but it wasn’t that much. Probably I will need more for the showcase so that I don’t look completely washed out.

I Googled how to do dramatic make-up, and promptly felt like I was trying to read a foreign language. For example: Take liquid eyeliner (what is liquid eyeliner? I thought eyeliner was the stuff that looks like a colored pencil) “line the inner lids…” Inner lids? Isn’t that the part of your eyelid that faces your eye?

I also never knew there were so many variations of eyes- smoky eye, seductive eye, cat eye, glitter cat eye, Asian eye makeup look… Truly overwhelming. Possibly more overwhelming than the fact that I don’t have my routine down yet, which is nerve racking too. (I’ve got time… really. I just keep repeating that over and over.)

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