Where to Meet Girls

Having girlfriends is important.  There seems to be a stereotype that women are “catty” or that women spend all their time gossiping- this is ridiculous. Sometimes women do those things. Men do too, sometimes more. Don’t kid yourself that you don’t need or shouldn’t have girlfriends because you’ve bought into the myth that women are somehow a negative influence in your life compared to men.

That being said, it can be tricky to meet fun, interesting women. I was recently talking to my little sister (who is definitely in the fun, interesting category), and she mentioned that this is particularly difficult for her since she works mostly with men. My immediate response was to tell her to take up pole.

Pole is one of the best places I know to meet women. It’s a difficult sport, and you end up bonding with the other girls for a few reasons- one reason is that we all become obsessed, which means that we all end up spending a lot of time together.

The culture at my studio, and I think most studios, is one where everyone tries to help each other learn. I’ve finally “gotten” several pole moves because fellow students have said “move your leg up a little” or “you need to arch your back more” or any number of other tiny pieces of advice that can mean the difference between slipping (or falling) awkwardly back to the floor and holding a pose that looks incredible.

It doesn’t end there. I missed a week of classes, and someone asked if I had been sick-my presence had been missed. For my last performance, I was struggling to get enough practice time in… I mentioned this in class and found myself at the home of one of my friends who had a pole. I mentioned that now that it’s cold and dark it’s harder for me to bike to the later classes, and one of my classmates immediately gave me her phone number and told me to call her when I needed a ride to class.

We cheer when we get new jobs, when we have good dates, and especially when we nail a new pole move. We are, in a very real sense, there for each other. Pole is my favorite place to meet girls.

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