Smile when you train. Laugh if you can.


It makes a big difference. Your workouts will be more fun. You’ll be able to do more reps. You’ll do them correctly. Your squats will be lower and your kicks will be higher.

Smiling helps with stretching too- Smile and breathe while you’re holding your splits. Then push a little bit farther. Keep smiling. Keep pushing.

I’m not sure why this works, but I can definitely feel the difference in my own workouts. You smile when you’re victorious. You smile when you’re killing your training, not when it’s killing you. It’s harder to half ass a workout when you are smiling.

Yes, pole dancing hurts. Yes, you’re probably tired. You probably have pole bruises all over your thighs and armpits and calves. Get over it. Make a point of setting aside your training time as your time to enjoy (even if you don’t actually enjoy the conditioning or flexibility part of it). Smile. Laugh. Have a great time. You won’t be sore until the next day anyway. You’ve got nothing to lose.

Smiling helps make stretching and conditioning easier, if you can do it.

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