The Closest I’ll Get to Making a New Year’s Resolution

The voice inside my head telling me to write is urging me to write today. Writers write. I used to be a writer, but I’m not sure I have been disciplined enough to meet the criteria (actually writing) lately. What I love about writing is the same as what I love about dancing; to tell a story. To say something. To impact others, my readers or watchers.

But telling a story is hard. It’s easier to learn a new pole trick or write an assigned essay than it is to say something meaningful. And easier still to flip on the television or surf the web when you have a few moments than it is to diligently write or choreograph something coherent. Another wasted moment, not used to accomplish anything. I can become neither an adequate writer nor an adequate dancer by wasting time, or even by practicing with no story in mind. I need to say something.

It is New Year’s Eve. The time to make new commitments. I’m committing to say something. To impact others. To tell a story every day, through my writing or my dancing or the way I live my life. You are all invited to participate- I hope it’s a great story.


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