Goals Board- Kim Style

So, after griping about the Resolution Board in my studio (which, by the way, now has pictures of people of various shapes and sizes, some of whom are doing really awesome pole moves that I envy) I’ve been thinking about the idea of a resolution or goal board. I am a fan of the goal board, so much so that I keep one in my cubicle at work.

While there are many different articles and ideas (and even books) about what makes a good goal board, I’ll write here about what works for me. Please feel free to copy, modify, and steal any of the ideas that interest you.

The first step is to put the board in a place where you are going to see it a lot. The whole point is to keep your dreams in front of you all the time so that you are constantly looking for ways to achieve your goals. Mine is on the cubicle wall right behind my computer, a space that I am staring at for about 40 hours a week. As an added bonus, having my goals board there starts a lot of conversations with people walking by.

I am not a very artistic person, so I keep my goal board really simple. I basically have a yard of Ghanaian cloth that I thumbtacked up to the cubicle. Simple, and the bright cloth reminds me of Ghana and makes me happy. No crafting skills required. You can get as simple or as ornate with yours as you want.

I write or draw the goals on white index cards, and pin them in rows to the cloth. Because my board is in a very public and professional space, I kind of use a shorthand for some of the goals that I might not want to be seen at work- for instance, I have no desire for anyone to know how much I owe in student loans, but one of my goals is to pay my student loans off. I can use either a picture analogy or a kind of shorthand. If your goal board is in a more private place or if you don’t care, then you don’t need to worry about how obvious your goal is.

For the goals themselves, I aim to keep a good mixture of serious and silly goals, as well as long term and short term goals.  All of my index cards have deadlines written on them that are appropriate For example, I have a goal of getting my middle splits by December 31, 2012 (I missed the deadline, but I’m so close!). I have another goal of qualifying for USPDF, but that goal will definitely require a few years (or a lot of years) of training first.  On the silly side, I also have a goal of eating goat’s milk ice cream by the end of February. Keeping a variety of simple and complex goals allows you to really stretch and think about what you want to achieve, but also have fun and cross things off. When I’ve completed a goal, I put a big pink checkmark on the index card as well as the date that I accomplished it.

As you can see, it's a mix of drawings, seriousness, and silliness. Everything has a deadline.

As you can see, it’s a mix of drawings, seriousness, and silliness. Everything has a deadline.

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