Thrift Shoppin’

My group of pole girls is pretty much obsessed with the song “Thrift Shop,” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis. As they should be… how can you not be happy when you listen to that song?

Anyways, I am performing in the next Tease Studio Showcase- Cupid Training: Lust You, Love You, Loathe You. The show is on the 15th. I’m dancing to “Gunpowder and Lead” by Miranda Lambert. It’s sassy, and it’s country, and I’m struggling to figure out my costume.

I was originally thinking of making some cutoff shorts with jeans I bought at the thrift shop, but then I remembered how difficult jeans would make the splits. I have lots of splits in my routine, mostly because I can do the splits and doing the splits is awesome and everyone should see me.

This is an older picture of me doing the splits- I'm actually a bit flatter now.

This is an older picture of me doing the splits- I’m actually a bit flatter now.

As it turned out, when I asked my friends if they wanted to go thrift shopping, they just turned on Macklemore and Ryan Lewis and started dancing. Apparently actual thrift shopping isn’t quite as appealing.

At the suggestion of my boss, I went (alone) to a local thrift store to purchase a cowboy hat. The thrift store she recommended isn’t particularly close to my house, so I decided to go on my way back from a coaching session.

I forgot that I never carry my wallet in my pole bag. I went through a phase where I tended to be mugged/assaulted a lot, so I don’t carry anything in my gym bag other than my gym shorts and dry hands. The idea of asking a mugger if he or she thought my booty shorts would fit makes me chuckle. Not having my wallet when I wanted to go to the thrift store did not make me chuckle. Luckily, another friend lent me some cash. The hat was only $2! Thrift shopping is awesome.

For $2, this works for me, although I still might try to find one that's not straw.

For $2, this works for me, although I still might try to find one that’s not straw.

I’m still stuck on the shorts though. I’m thinking of wearing a denim mini skirt, although I kind of feel like a skirt short enough to dance in will probably make me look like a stripper. The fact that the only places that seem to sell skirts like this are stripper supply stores does not help my unease. I guess I have  a few more days to figure it out… and I promise I will post a video of the performance so you all will see what I come up with. Wish me luck.

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