10 Pole Dance Questions

For this month’s blog hop, all the participating bloggers are answering a set of questions about pole, which is a really cool opportunity to compare notes with other dancers. Check out some other great responses here.

  1. How long have you been pole dancing? I started in February 2012.
  2. What is your favorite pole dance move? Anything that requires lots of strength and not so much coordination. I tend to be partial to knee grip moves, like the jasmine or the marley.
  3. What pole move is you nemesis? Handsprings! I know that I’m strong enough to do this move, so I think it’s purely psychological. There are so many fun and beautiful things you can do from a handspring though, so I really want to nail this one.
  4. If you had to classify your dance style, what would it be? This question kind of makes me chuckle, because it causes so much angst for pole dancers. I constantly see blogs about if you are more dancy or trixtery or sexy or gymnasticky. It seems like popularity of one style or another changes all the time. I think this stems from a conflict about how we want people to identify pole, and on a deeper level a conflict about how we want people to identify us as pole dancers. Personally, I’m happy there is so much debate. I love that pole is new and it still has space for all styles. If I had to pick one to describe what I like to do, I think I would have to say trixter. I hope that I am also someone who can tell a story through my dancing. I love the pole moves that are really hard. Suits my personality. I wish I was better at the transitions and grace.
  5. Why do you dance? I started pole because it is unique and different and I tend to be attracted to unique and different things. I keep dancing because pole is a new medium to tell stories and an opportunity, in some situations, to advocate for others. I love my dance community too!
  6. Is pole dancing, which is a hobby for most, worth the investment? I hope so! Pole dancing is expensive, even if you do it on the cheap like me. It is worth the investment of time and money if you are getting more out of it physically, mentally, socially, and emotionally than you are putting into it. Only you can decide if you are getting out more than you put in.
  7. If you have ever performed, how do you usually prepare for your performance? I just had a wonderful guest post by Natasha Wang on this subject. For me, the most important thing is to listen to the song as often as possible, and mentally review combinations and where your performance hits the music. I’ve only done two performances, so I am by no means an expert, but I feel like mental preparation is the most important part.
  8. Any tips for training? Be serious. If you are there to train, stop bullshitting and start training. Video your free dances. Take strength and flexibility conditioning seriously so you don’t injure yourself. Push yourself to get the most of all of your training and conditioning- don’t slack off. Don’t take too many classes in a row- a lot of people take multiple classes, and then half ass their way through them. Don’t do that. You are more prone to injury and you are also wasting your time. Doubling up is fine if you can handle the workload, but make sure you are really busting it the whole time.
  9. What is your favorite post on your pole blog? Fuck Loving Your Body.
  10. How often do you train, dance, or attend class per week? Right now only about three times a week because of pressures with work and school. Previously (and starting again in July!) I trained about 10-14 hours per week.
I really enjoy strength moves, like this one!

I really enjoy strength moves, like this one!


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  1. Nina

     /  May 9, 2013

    I agree that there’s a mental factor to getting handsprings. I was always terrified of doing cartwheels as a kid, and this seems to have translated into me failing at handsprings now. I once got two (!) instructors to spot me into handspring, since I always have trouble giving myself enough of a kick up to actually get into the right position. This ended up being very helpful, since I got to see that I could easily hold it once I was there. Still, I haven’t been able to do it on my own yet.. 🙂 Good luck!

    • Ha! I just read your blog post. I could never do cartwheels either! I’m just learning them now… and it’s been a while since kindergarten when other kids learn them. Good luck with your handsprings too!


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