I went to watch my friends perform in another Tease Studio Showcase last night. In case you were wondering, my friends are amazing dancers! It was really nice to sit in the audience and enjoy the show, and I’m now feeling re-inspired to train hard, which is perfect because my busy life has eased up enough to give me time to start training hard again. I am so excited! I loved the full emotional spectrum grasped by the various performances, and the creativity with the choreography. Thank you to Jen at Tease Studio for putting together another awesome showcase and thank you to everyone who performed for being so fantastically wonderful.

This was part of a group performance.

This was part of a group performance.

You know how I hate heels? Dancing in sneakers might be fun...
You know how I hate heels? Dancing in sneakers might be fun…

In case I don't write it enough on this blog... my coach is amazing!
In case I don’t write it enough on this blog… my coach is amazing!

Flexible and strong... something I aspire to.
Flexible and strong… something I aspire to.

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  1. As a side note, if anyone has tips about photographing pole, please let me know! I was really struggling and I felt like I was constantly getting people’s backs or as they were transitioning between moves.

    • I have been doing pole photography for a couple of years now, and there’s really no one quick tip other than to do it as often as possible to keep training. Always have the camera up and ready at all times rather than just taking it up when you see something cool, or you will be too late. So much of pole photography comes down to a quick trigger finger and being able to anticipate what will come next so that you can catch tricks at their full extension. Good luck!

      • Great tips, thanks! I think part of the problem was how long it took to focus the camera- perhaps there is another setting that would help with that. Thank you so much for your help.

  2. Nina

     /  July 7, 2013

    Yeah having a quick auto-focus, or learning how to use manual focus if your camera allows it, makes all the difference when your subjects are moving as quickly as pole dancers šŸ™‚


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