Emotional Spectrum Pole

One of my pole goals is to do a goofy/silly pole dance. Here's my goal card.

One of my pole goals is to do a goofy/silly pole dance. Here’s my goal card.

Like usual, there’s debate in the pole dance world about if pole dancing should be sexy or not.

To hell with that argument. I don’t want to choose sides. Yes please for both.

One of my readers once said she compares dance to acting. “I’m not a stripper, I just play one on tv,” she joked. She nailed it. Dance is play. Choose a role, whether it’s sexy stripper or innocent child. Practice as much as you can. Become that role for three to five minutes. Do it again.

Dance is about expression and storytelling. I want to dance the full emotional spectrum. I’ve danced striving and pushing through obstacles. I’ve danced angry and defeated. I want to dance sexy, even though that feels really unnatural and weird for me. But I also want to dance silly. I want to dance fearfully. I want to dance sadly and joyfully and wildly. I want to dance envy and courage and pity and respect. I want to dance.  The beauty of pole is that it is open to everyone. Stop trying to box it in. Express yourself, or just express a story you want to tell. If you must explain it to others, do it by taking them to see it for themselves. Yes, pole is sexy. No, pole isn’t sexy at all. Stop trying to figure it out.

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  1. “I’m not a stripper, I just play one on tv”<======LOL I love this!!!

  2. Absolutely! When dance is all about expression, why should we ever limit pole dance to one narrow category? Very well written 😀

    • Thank you! I’m glad you feel the same, and I’m glad you read and commented.


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