How Foot Cramps Totally Derailed my Diet

I recently wrote about how I’ve been suffering from nasty foot cramps, and how I’ve been trying pretty much everything to get rid of them. In the process, I managed to totally mess up my diet.


Everyone recommends bananas for cramps, because they are marketed as having plenty of potassium. While there are many other potassium rich foods, I decided I might as well try bananas.


I don’t really like bananas.


I got the brilliant idea that I would slather them in peanut butter (which is legal, in small quantities, on my diet) and freeze them. I was out of peanut butter, and I also wanted to try coconut water for the cramps, so I went to Whole Foods instead of my regular grocery store.


They had a whole beautiful display of nut butters, and it occurred to me that almond butter would be even healthier than peanut butter. I tossed a jar of it into my cart, along with the peanut butter.


Later, I slathered my banana halves with the almond butter. It seemed darker than I thought it should be, but I didn’t think about it. I finished coating the bananas, and plopped the spoon in my mouth. I promptly realized that I had purchased chocolate almond butter, which is not legal on my diet.  I laughed and stuck the bananas in the freezer figuring I would start to eat them on my cheat day.


Who knew that a fruit would screw up my diet? By the way, these are awesome. Just eat them on a cheat day, unlike me!

Who knew that a fruit would screw up my diet? By the way, these are awesome. Just eat them on a cheat day, unlike me!

But then I was hungry and I had no convenient snack food at my house. I figured it couldn’t hurt to eat one.


It didn’t hurt so much that I ate six of them.


So much for sticking to my diet (which I have done, faithfully, with very few exceptions, for over a year). Starting again.

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  1. um, if you buy something by accident, the calories TOTALLY don’t count, just FYI! 😀 (that said… this looks delicious AND nutritious, diets be damned!!! )

  2. Alyssa

     /  July 30, 2013

    You know what sucks? Bananas. You know what has more potassium than bananas? Avocados. You know what’s delicious? Half a bagel smothered in fresh avocado. 😀
    Also, Estée told me foot cramps are caused by weak foot muscles. So to kick mine I would do an intense point until I felt it start to hurt, then flexed my feet as hard as possible. I also do toe curls and push into a point. I’m not sure that’s a technical exercise but I noticed my point improved a little because of it and you can really feel the muscles in the bottom of your foot work.

    • It seems like pretty much everything has more potassium than bananas. The bagel idea sounds delicious. I like the idea of foot point exercises- genius. I’ll add that to my list. It can’t hurt if it helps your toe point. Thanks for your suggestions!

  3. “It didn’t hurt so much that I ate six of them.” Hilarious! I get foot cramps too, all the time for no reason! It’s horrible. Not sure how I will be able to point my toes when I get a cramp almost instantly. Let me know if you find a solution!!

    Also, I’m totally going to stalk your blog and read up on your diet. I need help! Lol.

    • Start slow and with things that you actually can commit to and slowly clean up your diet. Good luck


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