Sex Doesn’t Sell

I’m getting bored with all the chatter (especially my own) about whether or not pole dance is becoming “sanitized.” Not because people are saying boring things- most pole dancers believe that pole can have be sanitized or sexy, depending on what you are trying to express. The conversation includes lots of idea about free expression, sensuality, storytelling, etc. Beautiful, inclusive, lovely ideas that I agree with wholeheartedly. You can (and should) read many of these ideas on the blog hop.

The problem is the angst and uncertainty regarding newer competitions and other venues stressing the athletic over the sexy. People are afraid that pole will become sanitized and boring instead of all the adjectives in the first paragraph.

Instead of lamenting the loss of sexy or crying because pole isn’t athletic enough to be in the Olympics yet, I suggest stopping the conversation and voting with your feet. Or stilettos. Or pointe shoes. Whatever.

You get what you pay for. No one will continue holding classes that don’t attract students. No one will organize a competition no one will watch (or perform in). If slinky booty cheek shorts are popular, more will become available. If modest, sporty shorts are popular, more will become available. If pole is being sanitized, it is happening because sex doesn’t sell.


Sexy = good


Sporty= good

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  1. I love this! I am really hoping we will get more submissions of the sexy style for Elevated Art than we did for the championship, since I think it’s really important to show off that side too instead of just hiding it away in the safety of our classes 🙂

  2. Agreed. With the number of showcases and competitions popping up, there is definitely something for everyone! I don’t think there is a need to sanitize pole. I think people just need to mind their own business and find the classes/shows that appeal to them!

  3. AmeliaJade

     /  October 15, 2013

    I’m a pole newbie but I see merit in both the sexiness and the athletic side. I don’t get why people think they are mutually exclusive. It feels like “choosing sides” is so pointless and just creating an issue where there really shouldn’t be one.

  4. Nice post. I agree whole heatedly. We need to dance the dance we believe in and let the rest of the pole world go where it wants to go.

    • Thanks for reading! I love your idea of dancing the dance you believe in- eloquently stated.


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