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I’ve been reading “Conditioning for Dance,” by Eric Franklin. One of the ideas I find intriguing is the idea of dancing with an aim towards consciousness as opposed to control. Franklin argues that dancing for control simply doesn’t work most of the time, because there are many daily adjustments to your body and mind from day to day (different nutrition, mood, amount of sleep, etc.).  Dancing for control is also more likely to have you dance from a place of tenseness instead of rhythm and flow.

Franklin defines dancing with consciousness as dancing from the point of view of your body. In other words, every step you dance is from the viewpoint of that particular day.

I interpret this to mean something like meditation in dance- being present in the moment. Every time you dance, you should be honoring how you are feeling, paying attention to what muscles are tight or loose, making sure to breathe. The music you are dancing to should be felt within your body and should be interacting with you and what you are trying to express. You should, in short, be paying attention. Dancing with consciousness will be different every time you do it (even to the same song and same routine) because it will be impacted by how you feel. You will be safer, because you will be paying attention and you will know where you have contact with the pole, with the floor. You will not go too far, because you are paying attention. An interesting idea I would like to try.

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