On Being Obese

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  1. “Fat is not a character flaw.”

    Thank you. Thank you. And thank you again.

  2. I like in my fat groups when people say someone called them overweight, they say, over what weight?? I had gastric bypass and lost 165 pounds. At my highest weight, almost 350 pounds, my BMI stated that I was morbidly obese. I was going to DIE. At my lowest weight (180 pounds at six feet tall), I was mere tenth a of a point away from still being considered overweight. Yet at that weight, I was blacking out and losing hair and felt like I really was going to die. But hey, I was skinny and hot, so who cares?! I wrote a blog about this exact subject so I’ll just post it for you. 🙂 http://lolorashel.blogspot.com/2013/06/if-obesity-is-disease-then-why-do-i.html

  3. *tenths not tenth a

  4. Aaaaaand all that being said, considering I’m still a “class II obese person” according to the BMI chart, here are some posts about my health, including the last couple of links where I talk about being a healthy fatty. 🙂 http://lolorashel.blogspot.com/2013/08/i-heart-you.html

  5. Shantel

     /  November 7, 2013

    KIM! You never cease to amaze me!

  6. That drives me insane because you’re probably one of the most fit people I know. I am pleased to see that the culture seems to be transferring towards being more obsessed with fitness than thinness, but you’re right that people still don’t always take into account health. Like lolrashel at one of my healthiest weights I looked great but was losing hair and feeling light headed from an un-nutritious diet and I was still considered overweight. I do consider true obesity, and by that I mean true poor health caused by lack of proper nutrition and exercise, to be a rising problem in our nation. It is certainly not something to be judged by weight.

    • I disagree that an obsession with fitness is somehow better than an obsession with thinness. There is more to life than looking good. Actually, there’s even more to life than being healthy- like growing, helping others, and contributing as much as you can to make the world a better place. Health and fitness are just tools to help you do those things, not the end all be all. My problem with obesity is that it is irrelevant. Smoking is a risk factor for disease, but no one is confused into saying that smoking is a disease. It should be the same with obesity.

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