Focus on Freestyle- Knees

One of the things I hate the most about watching my practice videos is all the times when I don’t keep my knees straight. Straight knees make a huge difference in having clean lines and not looking sloppy.

When you freestyle, check in on your inverts to make sure your legs are completely straight. You should have to really squeeze your quads to make this happen. Pointing your toes also helps. If you have a hard time getting it right, you probably need to do more cross-training to get leg muscles strong enough to squeeze your leg perfectly straight.

Jordan has her straight knees nailed... I'm still working toward lines this clean.

Jordan has her straight knees nailed… I’m still working toward lines this clean.

If you want some inspiration, check out this video of Zoraya Judd, starting at about 1:50. Perfectly straight legs, and even though it’s a simple shoulder mount it looks really dramatic.

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  1. YES! I always tell my students that pointing your toes is not enough, you need to straighten your ankles and knees too (and avoid sickling your feet) in order to get beautiful lines. And if there are tricks that you can’t do straight-legged, like inverts or shoulder mounts when you don’t have the strength yet, make an effort to tuck, then straighten, so that at least your bent knees are intentional and not just floppy.

    • I could have followed my own advice a lot better last night- flopping knees and feet everywhere! Grrr! The point about ankles is great- that may be the subject of another focus on freestyle. Thanks for commenting!


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