How Not to Train Flexibility

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  1. I am really trying to work on my legs and hips, so everything that relates to splits and straddles. My back and shoulders are naturally very flexible, and have been improving a lot since I’ve worked them a lot, but my legs are so darn stiff and it’s holding me back from a lot of the pole tricks I want to do..

    • I am exactly the opposite. I find for leg flexibility doing really stripper-y stuff seems to help- like shaking your butt while you do a frog stretch, or squeezing one cheek at a time in a straddle or in a split. Resistance also helps a lot, but it’s also really easy to overdo it. Good luck, let me know if you find something that works well for you!

      • Yeah I have some really good stretches that I’ve gotten from Estee in her workshops, but it’s mostly just committing to working on it that’s my problem. Luckily I am about to have a lot more time on my hands, and then I’ll be able to schedule flexy-time – and stick with it!

    • Hey, we match! I still get taken aback when people say they can’t do a backbend but can do all these amazing pole moves I wish I could do. Pole takes so much for me but I can easily grasp my hands behind my back and I could do a backbend the first time I tried it so I figured that was common at the time. I just want to do scorpion and needle poses… absolutely everywhere!

      • Nothing wrong with those! So jealous on the natural flexibility. I’m better with strength moves.

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