In Which I am Forced to Count Calories

I’m an intense person, so the fact that I love Crossfit probably won’t surprise anyone. I love the borderline fanaticism, the sweat, the desire to finish. If Crossfit included booty shaking or hanging upside down, this blog would be about Crossfit instead of pole.

As it stands, pole dance is still my main love, so mostly I just read about Crossfit. One of the diet related things that is trending right now is intermittent fasting. The idea is that you should restrict the hours you eat. Some people randomly skip meals, some people skip eating for one 24 hour period and some people limit the time available to eat. For example, you may eat for eight hours and then fast the remaining sixteen.

You shouldn’t be hungry because you are not restricting the number of calories you are eating. Eating more food less often appealed immensely to my sense of laziness, so I decided to try it.

The first week was great- I felt even more energetic, and had less dishes to do. I was careful to pack more lunch than usual so I would be getting enough to eat. I was excited about the second week.

On Monday of the second week, I noticed I was crashing a bit after my first class (I do two pole classes Monday nights). I assumed that this was because I’m still adjusting to my new bike commute, which is somewhere between 9 and 12 miles, depending on where I need to go that day.

Tuesday night I was a little cranky. I thought I was just tired.

Wednesday night I was arm-gnawingly hungry.

I cook all my food ahead of time and eat the same thing all week. For fun, and also to figure out why in the hell I was so hungry after eating so many tupperwares full of food, I decided to add up my calories.


For reference, women my age are supposed to have about 2,000 calories if they don’t have an active lifestyle. People who train for pole and bike an average of 10 miles a day need more. I was on my third day of eating about half as much as I needed. No wonder I was hungry and tired and crashing.

I bought a sandwich, which seemed like the logical response to a lack of calories. It was delicious.

french toast with apple, not a sandwich

So yeah, this is not a sandwich. I was too busy eating it to get a picture, but this is delicious, calorie laden food, so I think I get my point across.

I adjusted my calories and continued on with the fasting- I love it. I’m just really careful to pay attention to how many calories I’m including now, since I can’t eat later in the day anymore.

I’m also only making intermittent fasting mandatory for myself for four days a week, because I want to be able to partake in social dinners or snacks if I want to. It is really important to me that my diet doesn’t interfere with my social life.  Other people skew the hours so they miss breakfast and can eat in the evening, but I love breakfast.

Overall I recommend intermittent fasting, but make sure that you eat enough while you are trying it! Also keep in mind that intermittent fasting will not make up for a lousy diet- If you eat nothing but french fries and ice cream but only do it 8 hours a day, you will not gain more energy for training.

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  1. Wow, that’s definitely low intake for someone as active as you! I keep finding myself low on calories too (usually between 1600-1800), but I also feel full all through the day, so I’m not too worried about it.. 🙂

    • I know, I was pretty shocked when I tallied it up. In the past if I’ve made lunches that aren’t calorically dense it hasn’t mattered, because I would snack more at night. When you stop eating at five, you really have to pay attention because you can’t make those calories up later.

      • Definitely true. The only reason why I reach a somewhat healthy number of calories per day is that I eat more in the evenings..

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