Best of Pole Dance Competition Blog 2013

Top posts on Pole Dance Competition in 2013 by number of page views, from most to least.

  1. Three Things I Wish I Would Have Known Before Starting Pole. In this post, I outlined some things that would have made my pole progression happen faster, such as by taking more “before” videos and photos.
  2. How Not to Train Flexibility. I discuss some really important components of flexibility training to prevent injury and be more successful in your training.

    splits, pole dance, flexibility

    This is an older picture of me doing the splits. Mine are actually flatter now.

  3. Fuck Loving Your Body. I argue that self esteem is over-rated, and that there are better ways to spend your time and energy. This might be my all time favorite blog post.
  4. Natasha Wang on Competing. Pole super star Natasha Wang shares some of her competition secrets. A must read for anyone who aspires to compete in pole at any level.

    Natasha Wang, pole dance, competition tips

    Super-pole competitor Natasha Wang shares some of her competing secrets

  5. How to know when you are ready to try pole dance. A blog post especially for the folks who kind of want to try pole but still haven’t taken the plunge.
  6. Social Media in Pole Dance- Get off Your Ass and Into Your Studio. This post suggests that actually practicing pole is more effective than reading Tweets about pole.
  7. 10 Ways to Afford Pole. Everyone knows that pole isn’t cheap. This article gives some suggestions about how to afford it- but be warned they are mostly big, hard to make changes.

    biking to save money

    Not to give it all away, but biking is one great way to save cash. Biking will help you get in better shape too!

  8. On Being Obese. Obesity is not a disease, regardless of what the American Medical Association thinks. This article explains why.
  9. Bear Cubs, the Wall Street Journal, and Pole Dance. What do these things have in common? Read here to find out.
  10. Finishing. Keeping your dance clean and moving through your moves is critical to a successful dance performance. Here’s why.

To read more about the best of pole dance, check out the blog hop!

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  1. I love that you included your flexibility post! In theory I agree but in practice I can hardly help myself, at about the midpoint of my pole workout I have already started some type of stretching :/ If it’s a cardio (running!) day stretching is always last though.

    • Yes, I think as long as you are reasonably warm it will still help prevent injuries- so midway might still be OK. Thanks for commenting!


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