Oops, I Forgot to Fail

I often write in this blog about trying new things, pursuing goals, and chasing things because they sound fun. I tell people, both on my blog and in real life, to take chances, and that the key to being happy about yourself is to take small steps (or big steps) toward your goals every day. Taking chances and consistent actions is the process I believe in to build a bigger, bolder and more interesting life.


I’ve been talking so much about acting on goals that I haven’t actually acted on anything for a long time. I’m hardly spending any time on pole. I’m procrastinating on my homework at school. I haven’t done a single thing to proactively move my career forward in months. I have still not launched my own business.


Work, trying to own my own business, school, and pole are pretty much the only things in my life (other than my relationships) that I care about.  I have done nothing to help any of these things that I love grow. These things that I am failing to nurture are who I am. My life is shrinking instead of becoming bigger, bolder, and more interesting. And that’s my own fault.


bridge, new life strategry

Going places?

This begs the question “what should I do instead?”


I’m going to try the same answer I tell other people who are stuck in their lives.


Something else. If what you are doing isn’t working, do something else. Or even just do something period. Starting now I’m doing new things- small actions every day to build the life that I want for myself. I will take it on faith that with enough actions, even imperfect actions, things will go where they are supposed to go.


Do something else. It really is that simple.

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  1. Simple doesn’t mean easy! But hey, who wants easy right? Great post! Btw if you don’t mind I am going to use your headline when succeeding 🙂

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