Weekly Wakeup Workout

I recently watched a video on Youtube about how to structure your morning so that you are excited and happy about your day. The video is below, if you want to see it. One of the things that was recommended was that you should have some type of movement first thing in the morning.

Most people don’t have the time/interest/willpower to do  a full workout every morning, and I personally don’t want to clutter my space with a rebounder (the video recommendation).

What I’ve been doing instead is a few reps of different exercises (something different every week) to get my blood circulating. While I do it, I say one affirmation for my day. It takes less than 4 minutes. To be clear, all of you looking for shortcuts, this does not in any way shape or form replace your conditioning and training. I love it, so I’m going to start sharing here every week so you can join me if you like it too! Of course, feel free to do a different exercise or to change the affirmation to something that is meaningful to you- I’m sure some of mine might get silly.

Weekly Wakeup Workout

20 jumping jacks

10 pushups


Seize the day!

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  1. Moving every morning is a big goal of mine, but not one that I’ve been working very hard towards, to be honest. I think that giving myself permission to do a 5-minute workout instead of trying to do an hour might be the key to sticking with it, since it feels much easier and less intrusive to my normal morning routine:)

    • Yes- I would rather sleep most mornings, so the mini thing has been really helpful. Who knows- if you start with something small, maybe you’ll eventually work up to a full workout?

    • This times 3000! I’ve been committing to about 5 to 15 mins before bed of simple squats, crunches, push ups, etc while watching tv (while taking a full break from pole) and I can’t get over how well it’s working. I think just the consistency of always having a body part recovering plus the heart rate boost is really, really effective. And you can’t psych yourself out over 5 minutes!

      • Awesome for you! I don’t really watch much tv, but I feel like if I did it would be an ideal time to do little mini-workouts like this. I do like it in the morning though, just to get the blood circulating. I need all the help waking up I can get!

  2. hahaha if I can just stumble to the shower without crashing into anything in the morning, I consider it a win (thus, night workouts for me 😉 )

    • Definitely agree as far as full workouts- you will not see me dancing, running, or hitting weights any time before 8 am. The 4 minute thing I can handle though!

  1. Weekly Wakeup Workout | poledancecompetition
  2. Weekly Wakeup Workout | poledancecompetition

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