Moving Forward: My Pole Predictions

  • Pole will continue to grow and mature as a sport. More people will be interested in pole as it becomes more and more culturally acceptable.
  • All of this growth will continue to fund competitions, showcases, new studios, and better clothes.
  • Slowly but surely, pole events will have more sponsors who are not directly pole related, which will have the effect of creating more venues for athletically inspired events.
  • Competitions will showcase harder and harder moves. This will slowly kill one of the draws of pole- that you can start late in life (which I’m defining as adulthood, not actual old age) and still make it as a professional athlete a la Natasha Wang. As more people train and compete with harder moves, move years of training will become necessary.
  • Things like certifications and insurance for instructors and studios will slowly become standardized.
  • Pole will continue to segment into more and more diverse branches, which will all eventually (after many, many years) be different sports altogether.
  • The debate of sexy vs sporty will continue for a long time until all of those branches are separated.
  • More and more men will take up pole, and men in class will slowly become completely normalized.
  • None of this will matter, because pole will always still include hanging upside down and interacting with a community of likeminded people. No matter what, you will be a better and happier person for participating.
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