The Cure for What Ails You

My brother is a badass. When he went to boot camp for the Army, he said that it was way easier than he expected, and that other people whine too much. He had the same reaction to the Tough Mudder we ran last summer.

One of the things that he talked about a lot is how the Army recommends water, for pretty much anything that could be wrong with you. Headache? Sluggish? Muscles sore? Drink more water. He said that water was pretty much used as the cure for everything in boot camp.

Water is one of the best health habits you can develop!

Water is one of the best health habits you can develop!

I’ve been drinking a gallon a day for several months now, and I think the Army has it right. There is a huge difference in my mental acuity, coordination, and feeling of well being when I drink water, particularly if I start the moment I get out of bed. It wakes me up better than coffee. As a side benefit, I feel like I don’t have to worry about all of those studies that show that sitting constantly is bad for you, because you end up moving a lot more through the day to refill your water bottle and also to use the bathroom.

Drinking water also cuts down on cravings for sweet things- I think my mind associates sweet foods with fruits, which tend to be very liquidy. Drinking enough water helps cut down on these cravings. Try it out! Add more water to your diet.

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  1. Do you have any good tips for actually drinking tons of water? I carry a water bottle with me just about everywhere, but I still seem to “forget” to drink it.

    • I fill up 2 Nalgene bottles in the morning, and gulp some of it right away. I actually set an alarm for every hour, so that I stand up, quickly stretch, look away from my computer screen, and chug a bunch of water. Takes about 2 minutes and it helps me stay focused at work through the day. I refill at noon and repeat, so I drink a gallon!

      • I’m gonna have to try to set an alarm, that sounds like it might actually work. Thanks!

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