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  1. Yep. I totally agree. Several of us even sent an email to Jen expressing this very thing. She said that the 50s are there to give people the chance to grow in whatever endeavor they may choose. My thing is the 50s can be compared to have C64 computer from back in the 80s and refusing to update to laptops, digital readers, iPads, etc. Also, if you look online pole companies are getting rid of the larger sizes. That’s why they’re on sale. Pretty soon the studio may be obsolete if an upgrade is not made. If anything the 40s should be replacing the 50s since some of international competitions are using the smaller sizes. Just my thoughts.

    • This is not meant as an attack on the studio- it is meant to be informational so that people can choose how to train. I personally feel training on the equipment you are likely to use is the most beneficial, but some people argue that if you practice on all sizes your routine will be more solid and you will feel ready for anything.

    • I would love to see it go to all 45s though!

  2. 45 is indeed the better pole size. I share that motto, train as you fight they say in the military.

  3. Melissa

     /  March 16, 2014

    I frequently visit 3 studios near me that are from the same company, 2 of them have 45s and one of them has 50s.
    Ive entered in a comp at Easter time and the poles are 38mm (eek even smaller again!) i can no longer train on the 50s as it is such a huge jump!
    I found my routine changed somewhat when I am doing the combos on 50s compared to 38s. Though, as ive only just starte using 38s for the last 2 months, it makes tricks sort of easier to get a good hand grip, and then they are chrome so i stick more easier again – win!

    • It is hard to transition between sizes for sure. I definitely am in favor of the smaller sizes.

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