Focus on Freestyle: Hair Flip

I am the worst person in the world to instruct anyone about hair tossing, but this will make me learn more, so here goes.


It seems the main advice is that the movement starts in your shoulders, or even in your hips. Your neck follows that motion in your shoulders, and your hair follows your neck.


Other than that, the key is to execute the hair flicks with the music. If you hit a beat with it, it’s way more powerful and sexy than it is if you do it out of nowhere.


More resources:



This is from PDA blog. It isn’t a how-to per se, but it is adorable.


I like this blog, and it would be particularly useful for people with long hair.


This is a Studio Veena discussion forum. Lots of good stuff in here, but you sort of have to wade through it.


This video is kind of cheesy, but I still found it really helpful:


This video is gogo dancing based, and shows a few variations on the hair flip.

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