Splits aren’t Enough

There are several of awesome pole moves that can showcase your splits, or however close you are to your splits. Jade, downward splits, upward splits, chopsticks, pole middle splits… this is by no means a comprehensive list.

Pole splits

Pole splits

As a result, pole dancers spend a lot of time working on their flexibility, usually by doing a series of exercises on the floor to practice doing the splits.

The problem is that doing the splits on the floor is easier than doing them on the pole. The reason for this is simple- on the floor, you kind of slide your feet out and gravity helps push your bottom to the floor. On the pole, you are often fighting against gravity to get your legs into the splits. Another difference is that on the floor, the floor itself presses your legs upward into the splits. On the pole, your leg may be completely unsupported.

The way to overcome this is to work on strengthening your hip flexors and your butt.

Downward splits

Downward splits

My favorite way to do this is resistance training in your splits poses. Try to scissor your legs together while you are sitting in your splits. You can also try to lift your front leg off the ground while you are in your splits. It hurts, and it works.

If you are practicing your downward splits on the wall, lift that back leg off the wall and toward the center of the room. Repeat a few times. You can also practice these from a downward dog position.

Pole splits middles

Pole splits middles

Of course, the most obvious way to work on your strength for pole splits is to practice splits on the pole. Just make sure to try both sides!

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  1. I hear some Estee in these tips!:D Gosh, I wish Tease was closer so that I could take her flexibility and conditioning class. Every time I’ve taken a workshop with her I’ve walked away with so many new things to work on, but I’m horrible at motivating to work on splits when I’m alone..

    • There is definitely some Estee, and also some yoga and also a lot of obsessive reading about flexibility. There is so much bad information out there! Anyways, I agree that it’s hard to work on alone- I always end up doing the same tired things over and over. Eventually I want to make a book of different workouts, so I can just open the page and know what to do.


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