$4,876.99 = Pole Expenses 2013

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  1. Oh wow. I have not kept track of my pole expenses, but just my trips to Pole Expo and NYC alone gets me pretty high. Luckily I teach A LOT, which translates into a lot of free classes, so I don’t spend nearly as much money on normal pole classes as I used to. However, last year I took workshops with Nadia and David (and a private with David), the handstand workshop, Marion Crampe at Pole Expo, Lara Michaels every time she was in Boulder, two workshops and a private with Marlo, a couple of workshops with Estee, and three privates with Waeli, so yeah, I don’t even want to do the math on those..

    But still I think it’s totally worth the money I spend on it, especially now that I am also making money from teaching. And heck, I could be spending my money on much worse things than getting fit!

    • Yeah, I knew it was a lot but I was pretty shocked when I actually did the math. The way I see it, exercise, and in particular for the last several years pole, is my spiritual and social life in addition to my health- so it’s a lot of money, but it’s also meeting a lot of human needs for me. Plus, it’s fun!

  2. Try ballroom dancing…..it is outrageous! Oh what we do for what we are passionate about!

    • I know. This was my expenses when I was holding back. A lot. I would be fascinated to see what I spend if I had unlimited money available.

  3. Ok this is going to sound ridiculous. I don’t know how much I spent. More accurately, I know but don’t believe it. I track everything automatically in Mint.com and I don’t see any class payments between February and August. That’s just stupid. It’s possible there was some bartering for social media work, but not THAT much. What the hell? Also, it’s embarrassing to admit that I just now noticed this.

    • That’s kind of hilarious. It’s hard to figure out, especially when you add in all the little expenses.

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