So, You Do What, Exactly?

Pretty much everyone who pole dances sooner or later has to explain that pole dancing is. Here are some of my favorite ways to describe what I do. What are yours?

  • It’s a cross between gymnastics and contemporary dance.
  • Pole combines contortion and dance.
  • Pole is a way to tell stories by combining strength movements and more traditional dance movements
  • Pole is type of exercise or fitness regimen
  • Pole is dancing, but you incorporate a vertical bar.
  • Pole is a sport that’s judged in a similar fashion to gymnastics, figure skating, or martial arts.
  • Pole is so much fun! Come try a class with me so you can see what it is!
  • Hmmm… You should Youtube Oona Kivela, Natasha Wang, Jenyne Buttefly….etc.
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  1. RO

     /  January 21, 2014

    Haha cool! If anyone asks me about my course in poledancing I usually say something like this:

    “It’s like a mix between cardio, dancing and training your upper body, but then you’re in a pole.”


    “You just wear shorts and a sports top and do your work-out in a pole.”

    • Awesome! Love hearing how other people handle the question.

      • RO

         /  January 21, 2014

        It’s actually annoying enough that we have to somehow justify what it is and why we like it towards others!

      • I actually get a lot more people who are actually just curious about what pole is than I get people who expect me to justify my hobby, which is awesome. Nevertheless, it’s difficult to explain.

  2. I usually just say I pole dance and MOST people can fill in the gap accurately. But then if they don’t know or they say, “I hear they are trying to get it into the olympics” or “i saw a competition”…that’s when i say that’s one type but I dance more like “so you think you can dance” with a pole or that its contemporary dance with a pole.

    • I’m feeling from the comments I’m seeing that I need to watch “So you think you can dance.”

  3. I think pole can be divided into three genres; art, sport & sexy – or a combination! I usually tell people it’s like a gymnastic apparatus (vertical pole) with dance incorporated. I always try to establish that the pole community consists of people ALL sizes, ages and gender to try and push aside the stereotypes. I find that men can be a little too interested, and women are often hostile about it! Pole is fantastic! I’m a newbie to blogging so please do check out my blog loving your posts!

    • Congratulations on starting a blog! I find personally find it very rewarding. Great answer to the question too- it’s tricky to explain it in a few sentences.


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