Handsprings, handsprings, handsprings

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  1. Not really a linkable resource, but interesting nonetheless: I posted on FB a while back asking for tips on how to build up strength to avoid injuries from TG handspring. Every single instructor who replied, incl. some of the biggest stars in the industry, and people like Fawnia who has been teaching for longer than pretty much anyone, gave the same answer – just don’t do TG handsprings. Now I know people who can do them without injuring anything, but it also seems to be the trick that gets a lot of people their first “serious” pole injury..

    • That is interesting. I know that for me, I want to have a regular grip handspring solid well before I do a twisted grip…. but most of the resources I found were specifically about twisted grip. I’d love to see a tutorial about regular grip/twisted grip/cuff grip handsprings. I think a lot of people don’t understand the difference.

      • Yes, that would be very helpful. Most people seem to agree that it’s okay to come into a TG Ayesha (from inverted crucifix, layback, inside leg hang, etc), but that it’s kicking up into it that gets you in trouble. It makes sense too – regular grip handspring requires much more strength, while TG lets you “hang” more of your weight on your shoulder.

        Good thing I’m more of a pretty-tricks-on-spinny person than trickster 😉

      • That makes a lot of sense.

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