You Aren’t Ready for That…Yet

Pole dance

Kira inspired this post about waiting until you are ready to tackle new moves

Sometimes you fall in love with a move. Sometimes you just don’t want to look stupid in class. Sometimes all your friends seem to be learning it, so you think you need to do it to.

Pole goals are admirable and fun and help you move forward, but you need to be patient.

Everyone has a different body, and sometimes you can nail a new pole move in just a few shots.

That’s actually a lie. Moves never just come to you. Hours and hours of practice and repetition and conditioning build a foundation for you to add new moves to.

If you have the foundation though, it’s important to know that different bodies learn things easier than others, depending on your physiology and past training. It takes more time for your body to learn some moves than others. This is why I did a titanic on my second or third attempt, but still can’t do a handspring. I have a friend who nailed the spatchcock in record time, but still struggles with other, equally difficult pole moves. Kira, who inspired this blog post and can do amazing pole moves (the kind of stuff that makes everyone else in class stop and gape), told me she still can’t do a pirouette.

Give yourself time. Stay faithful to your training and conditioning. Be patient. Maybe work on something else for a while. Your turn will come, when your body is ready for it.

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  1. Totally get this! Between me and my friend at pole class – sometimes I get moves quicker due to my better range of flexibility, but sometimes she gets them quicker due to her awesome strength, which I lack. We take different routes but we all get there in the end!

    • Exactly. But people forget to be patient with themselves, especially when it seems like everyone around them is getting it.

  2. Very true! Sometimes as pole dancers we get into a rut by comparing our progress to others’ but we tend to miss what our strengths our and what our bodies are better suited to.

  3. RO

     /  January 27, 2014

    I recognize this in my dancing as well. I see all these talented dancers perform moves that I wish I could do but I know I have to perfect my base before I can even try to master them. Same goes for pole dancing I assume!


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