Pole Isn’t Enough

Everyone who has ever tried pole knows that pole dance is a kick ass workout.

If you are only doing pole, you are making a mistake.

Your body needs conditioning.

Cross training helps correct muscular imbalances from doing the same poses over and over (and probably way more frequently on your “good” side). It can also help correct postural imbalances.

Cross training, particularly with weights or even body weight exercises, will help you reach your pole goals faster by making you stronger.

More importantly, having a strong body will help protect you from injury. The fitter you are, the less likely you are to get those nagging pole injuries, because your muscles help protect your body.

If you are not doing conditioning training, make a point of adding to your repertoire of pole training. You will be a better, more injury free dancer because of it.

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  1. Guilty party, right over here! I definitely under-work my bad side. The type of cross-training I am likely to do is body weight exercises near or using my pole (pole push ups are my favorite). I agree, it is definitely helpful to do some type of cross training.

    • Ha! I think it’s pretty common, because people want to do what they love. Just think about how much stronger it’s making you.

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