How to Take a Compliment

For some reason, this is a skill that a lot of people don’t have. Once you put in the hours of pole practice though, you will start getting compliments. Follow these steps so that you aren’t accidentally an asshole about it.

  1. Be flattered. I know it’s hard to feel flattered,  because many people do not believe compliments for them are sincere. Which brings me to number two.
  2. Believe the complement is real. I get so pissed when I say something nice to someone and they brush it off! I am not speaking for my health. I’m speaking from my heart. When you disbelieve the person who is complimenting you, you are saying that they are not trustworthy or are poor judges. It’s insulting. Don’t do it.
  3. Smile. Because people generally give compliments with sincerity, it means that you earned the compliment. It’s OK to be happy about the progress you have made.
  4. Say thank you. Because saying thank you is good manners and because you should be thankful that you have come so far that people are taking notice.
  5. Pay it forward. Be attentive to the people around you. When they do something awesome or nail something they’ve been working on for a while or kill it in a performance that they almost were too intimidated to sign up to perform in, compliment them from a place of deep sincerity.
  6. Keep working, and repeat steps 1 through 5. There is always room for growth, and there is always a community that is paying attention. Pretty awesome, huh?
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  1. I would add on a step 7 as well: Do not make excuses for your skills! I get so tired of giving compliments, only to be met with “yeah well yours looks nicer” or “I guess my splits look good but my handspring still sucks”. Why should that matter?!

  2. Ooh, yes. Excellent point.

  3. Thanks so much for sharing this post!
    What a great topic!!! Its so noticeable what a problem when in a pole class no one can take a compliment LOL


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