Things just got real

As I wrote yesterday, I got into Elevated Art! I (painfully) wrote the requested bio and dredged up some photos from my archives.

The thing is, since I submitted my video (back in January) I’ve been acting like I do after I perform- taking it a little easier in class, being a little less strict about any gray areas in my diet, and not practicing so hard, which is counterintuitive since the performance is still upcoming.

I think that will change as of today. I got a second email with the performance details. Sometime while I was scratching my head and drawing a stage diagram on a sticky note, it became real that I am performing. On a real stage. With real lights and a real audience. Also, my elaborate sticky note diagram confirmed that I’ve been choreographing with the static and spin poles on the opposite sides of the stage as what they will be in real life.

Suddenly, performing seems very real. I feel the normal pre-performing intensity coming on. It’s exciting!

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  1. ahhhhhh congratulations!! do you have to come up with your own choreo?

    • I have most of it choreographed already- I came up with most of it but my coach Estee contributed a lot to making things flow together and “fixing” problem spots. I am slowly getting better and better at choreography. 🙂

      • transitions are SUCH a great thing to get a second opinion on. I’ve seen one of my teachers transform routines in like, 2 minutes, with the simplest suggestions. so exciting, you better post a vid when you do the show!! also, random question, how does having a coach work? it’s someone you take privates with? I would die for this.

      • Yes. I take privates with Estee Zakar which is amazing. It’s nice because she also teaches classes at my studio, so she really has a sense of where I am and how my body moves.

      • That sounds wonderful, I’m so jealous :p

      • It is wonderful. And also expensive. But- worth it.

  2. Hah, I was both afraid and hoping that my email would scare/excite people into working hard, so I guess that worked 😉


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