Non-Pole Pole Stuff I Want to Master Soon

I love conditioning, and learning new dance things. I am disciplined, and I don’t really have a problem putting in the hours for pole training (most of the time).


What I am finding I really suck at is all of the other stuff you need to do to perform. Here’s a list of things I want to get significantly better at.

  1. Hair. I do not know anything about styling my own hair, which is ridiculous, particularly since I am just as inept at styling it for weddings or special events as I am for pole performances.

    hairstyle, pole dance

    Awesome hair. Not done by me.

  2. Costuming. Enough with the waiting until two weeks before a performance and buying something because the color seems right. I need to learn how to shop, and also how to dress up the stuff I already have.
  3. Writing a bio. I distinctly remember being really good at writing personal statements when I applied for college, so I’m not sure why this is so hard. But I’m going to learn what I want to say about myself, and make it entertaining, and be able to use it for all performances and competitions through the end of time!
  4. Taking photos of myself! I’ve been so much better about making video, but I haven’t quite caught up on photos. I want to get some of myself after I’ve perfected a move too, instead of only the ones that are when I firs nail it and I’m kind of wobbly still.
  5. My first jade. Flatter, better jades have yet to be captured on film. Shame on me.

    My first jade. Flatter, better jades have yet to be captured on film. Shame on me.

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  1. Dorien

     /  February 22, 2014

    When It comes to costumes, I use the character I’m portraying in my dance to inspire me with picking out and/ or designing one. I also hit up costume sites in July for sales on random accessories, so I have a lot of interesting little things to choose from. I’ve had two designed for me by the same person: one was perfect, the othe had & still sort of has problems. My first one is a fave. I was doing a James Bond homage, so I had a costume made that was very similar to the one Halle Berry wore in theJames Bond film, Die Another Day. My scond one ( which I’m using next Sunday at PPC), I had to send back because the bottoms were too tiny. Now they fit, but the fabric is thin, so I’ll have to double up on bottoms:-(

    Sorry so long. Try to make buying costumes fun:-)

    • Thanks for the advice- I saw this as I’m googling images of costumes that are sort of in the theme I want, so your timing is perfect. I like the idea of finding accessories that I can always just use- I never think much about those little details, and I think they make a big difference.

  2. Miss Kim! This is random, but I’m really curious about what you do for conditioning… I’m trying to get my game together on that but I feel kinda lost outside the studio, aside from ballet and flex classes. Also, I feel you on hair skills envy… My little sis is a stylist and she always looks gorgeous and “done.” I hate her, lol

    • What don’t I do for conditioning? Hmmm… I tend to do a lot of Crossfit and gymnastics type classes. A lot of people really get a lot out of yoga, but that’s not my favorite. Occasionally I’ll lift weights. I’m a big fan of sandbag get ups- you take a 40 lb sandbag, get down on the floor, and stand back up for however many reps I hope this is helpful!

      • Omg I’m obsessed with gymnastics conditioning… Videos. Because lol I don’t do any gymnastics conditioning. Really curious as to what a gymnastics class entails…acro type stuff? Also, maaaad respect for doing crossfit, everything I hear about those classes is terrifying!

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