I Dare You to Throw Up

I was in no condition to train that day. I didn’t feel good and I wasn’t well rested. I had been in a hurry all day and had shoved something down my throat to keep my belly from growling on the way to conditioning class. Sometimes it’s not so bad and you can push through.

And sometimes you can’t.

I am a big proponent of mental training. I strongly believe in mind over matter, and that your body can do so much more than you think it can. Most people stop pushing because they don’t have the mental discipline to focus on doing the workout better instead of focusing on how much it hurts.

With that in mind, I started focusing on the workout, on getting my jumps higher, my squats lower.

I started to feel queasy. I was determined to push through. “I dare you to work hard enough to make yourself throw up” I told myself.

And then I did.

This is not where a good workout should end up.

This is not where a good workout should end up.

Later, I started to think about how wrong this mindset is. Mind over matter is certainly true-  but the discipline of training starts long before you go to the studio or the gym. The only thing that can make you really vomit is not being properly prepared- being mentally off your game, eating junk that doesn’t belong in your body, not sleeping enough. For the most part, vomiting equals lousy preparation, not hard training.

Conditioning is a lifestyle, not an hour long class. If you are training until you throw up, you are doing something wrong. Improve your diet, your sleep. Maybe you are pushing harder than your body is ready to push. Push (slightly) beyond your limits, but set yourself up for success first.

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  1. I’ve done some pretty rough workouts in my days but always stopped before it got too heavy. Some of the participants in my Cross Fit group didn’t and they had to throw up. I don’t think it’s necessarily something to be proud of, even though they thought they were somehow part of some ‘inner circle’ now, the ‘first-throw-up-of-the-workout-club’ or something. I agree with you, keeping a balance is really important! So I think it’s a good outlook you have on training, push yourself but don’t overdo it.

    • Whenever I’ve thrown up during a workout, it wasn’t so much because I was going hard as it was that my diet was messed up. People wear it as a badge of honor, but it doesn’t really even indicate hard work.

  2. lukas502

     /  February 24, 2014

    its true that mind over matter,but there are limits one must consider and prepare correctly, but i admire how you learnt from the mistake and wish you the best in your training 🙂

    • The mistake wasn’t so much in the mind over matter as it is in the preparation, and in particular proper diet.

  3. 😐 this mindset scares me.

    • I read somewhere the idea that pushing like that releases a lot of hormones for emergencies- the author said training like that was like burning down a house to get warm, while training that way was the equivalent to get nice abs… I don’t know. In my experience, you don’t have to push that hard to throw up if your diet is wrong. It’s all about setting yourself up properly.

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