Morality in Dance

I recently read this fascinating article by Alain de Botton about how Art Museums fail in terms of practical moral use to people’s lives and decision making. Please check it out here.

The article made me think about pole (because, let’s be honest, pretty much everything makes me think about pole.)

de Botton’s critique basically said that art museums “fail to tell people directly why art matters.” He then made a point that art is seldom presented in a way that illuminates it’s central purpose, and showed how in a religious context art can often make more sense, because the stories are helpful in giving people strength and context for how to handle real issues. For example, he gave an example “look at that Last Supper to train yourself not to be a coward and a liar.”

I feel like the idea of adding practical moral value to pole dance performance would make the dances immensely more useful, psychologically, to the audience. This idea, in my opinion, is one that you should strive for.

Here are some examples where I feel like this is already happening. Link in the comments to your examples of pole dance that inspires on a moral level- kindness, strength, courage, overcoming, love… etc. I’m excited to see your favorites.

For more about spirituality, emotionality, and dance, please check out the blog hop here.



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  1. I made a joke about what would “legislative pole” look like. I think you might find this article I wrote of interest. It explores what I studied in school, “socio-political theater” and what I believe art has the power to be. I think pole can be that way too.


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