Got a Minute?

Starting a workout program sounds intimidating. It brings to mind images of nutcases like myself who pretty much wrap their whole lives around training and then trudge into their day jobs complaining about being sore, or posting obnoxious things about their workouts to facebook. Harried people juggling family, work, school, social lives, laundry, and life can’t imagine spending so many dedicated hours  in the gym or the studio.

It doesn’t have to be like that. Think of it like a relationship- you don’t want to spend too much time with your fitness right away. Work up to that.

One of the best ways to start is one minute at a time. For example, do one minute of jumping jacks two or three times a day. Make it a habit, by doing this every day for one month.

Thinking small is valuable because it gives you an entry point. Everyone has one minute a day. You won’t need to worry about finding time, or being overly sore, or getting special equipment or gym memberships or looking foolish (or at least only looking foolish in front of your spouse or roommates). You can do it in your pajamas.

The key is to commit fully, and to only commit to one thing. Just because it’s only one minute doesn’t mean you should commit to 5 different things. Stick to one for one full month, and anything else you do is just a bonus. If you don’t do your jumping jacks or whatever you committed to, you need to hop out of bed and get it done.

If you commit fully, you will feel good about actually doing something to increase your health. You’ll start to know what it feels like to follow through on commitments you make to yourself. Get up and do it right now if you want.

What will your one minute commitment be? 

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