Taking a Break

One of the only downsides about performing in Elevated Art is that I managed to make my ongoing toe injury worse.


How did I injure my toe?


No idea. I woke up on January 27 with a limp and a swollen toe, and it’s been bothering me ever since.


I strongly suspect that my inability to leave it alone is making it worse, so I promised (threatened) myself that I must take two weeks off of pole after the showcase. I’m one week in, and I’m remembering why I don’t go so long without working out- because it makes me either extraordinarily depressed or into a raving grumpy lunatic or some combination of both.


Being a genius, I decided I should swim since that would not impact my toe.


As if to spite myself, I promptly got a cold. Sigh. No swimming either, just lots of lifting cups of tea up to my mouth.


I’m looking forward to being back in a week or so, and I hope the rest was all my toe needed!

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  1. awww, you sound pretty banged up. enjoy the rest!! and apply ALL the lotion, haha.


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