It’s Hard to Start A New Fitness Routine!

In an effort to help my toe heal from whatever mysterious injury it seems to have, I’ve been staying out of the studio. In lieu of pole, I’ve decided to swim!


This was harder than you would think, and I’m feeling empathetic toward anyone starting a new fitness routine, because there are so many things to consider.


First, I had to find the hours of the pool at my school. Then I had to start thinking about equipment. I emptied out my pole bag and threw in my swimsuit and swim cap. I realized that I had lost my goggles somewhere. I remembered to put a towel in the bag; I later realized that I failed to bring a brush to untangle my hair post-swim.


I also realized that I had no lock for the locker. I ended up spending an extra 30 minutes getting to the pool because I needed to buy a lock and swim goggles.


When I got there, I realized I had no idea where or how to check in, and the lady at the recreation center looked at me like speaking with me was absolutely exhausting. Apparently they are getting rid of the pool, so they never automated it and I really could have just snuck in without making the lady at the counter feel all annoyed. Now I know.


I hopped into the pre-pool shower, and finally was able to start swimming, 40 minutes after I anticipated doing so. For the most part, I avoided eye contact with the random other people in the locker room.


I had a great workout, but felt mentally exhausted about getting there… which I think keeps people from starting new fitness things.  They fear the dirty look, they don’t want to spend forever getting there, they don’t want to be embarrassed when they forget their brush and walk out with tangled hair. They don’t know where to park. They have no one to go with them. They don’t want to look foolish (and you will look foolish). Go anyways… it’s only like that the first few times and then you make friends and get the equipment you need and figure out all those little things.

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  1. Ugh, I feel you on the challenges of a new routine! I’m trying to do the gym during the day and then classes at night and I always forget something. Like pants 😐 I’m thinking of starting swimming too, so please share if you see any dance gains happening!

    • Pole dancers always forget pants. I’m not sure about gains, but if you grab a kickboard and focus on kicking with super straight knees, I think that will help with all the muscles that you need to keep your knees straight in dance. Also- that is exhausting. You will definitely build up your endurance swimming.


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