On Faith

Hey, remember me? I’m still broken and broke, so I sadly don’t have anything specifically pole related to write about. But I wanted to share some thoughts about spirituality and faith, because that’s what’s been topmost on my mind lately.


In my self-imposed process of cutting things out of my life and simplifying, I have realized that I have given away much of my own personal power. Instead of taking control of my life, I’ve been making small compromises and letting situations that arise dictate how I behave, the words I speak, and where I direct my energy.


I think that at the bottom of this surrender of power is a lack of faith.


I stopped believing some things that are a central part of my approach to life. When I’m being true to myself, my core beliefs are (no surprise to my regular readers) pretty hard core. For example, I believe that life is fair. I define fairness in terms of personal growth. This is true in three ways.


The first way- When bad things happen to you, it’s usually because of your choices. Learn to make better choices.


The  second way- When bad things have nothing to do with your choices, it’s still fair because you always get a gift in terms of personal development, if you choose to take the gift. Bad things make you stronger, more compassionate, more loving, more courageous or in other ways contribute to your personal growth, but only if you take the time to find the gift.


The third way- Bad things don’t just happen to you. I read a quote that said something to the effect of “misfortunes flourish everywhere, not particularly in your garden.” It’s true. Life is cyclical, and there is no rain cloud that hovers only above your head.


I didn’t really mean to go into a tangent about why life is fair; the important thing is that at my heart I believe this to be true. I also fundamentally believe that things will work out to be OK and that I am capable of imbuing my activities with meaning. Another core belief is that you must take care of yourself so that you can contribute more to the world. I call it structural integrity- keeping your life, mind, and body strong and healthy so you can help other people grow.


And I’ve been ignoring every single one of these beliefs for months, until I gave away so much of my personal power  that I forgot that things work out OK in the end, and that my life has meaning and purpose and that I have things to offer to other people.


It is only possible to function when you have faith in core beliefs, whether they are religiously principled or drawn from other sources. Faith and principle make it possible to get through the hard times, to find the gift in adversity. Without faith, it is too easy to stray into things that have nothing to do with you and subtract from your personal power. Find your core principles, the things that you absolutely believe to be true, the things that give your life meaning, and do your best not to lose sight of them. Have some faith. You will be much stronger for it.


This is an awesome song by Keb’Mo with a sort of similar theme, if you like blues.

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  1. Could not love this more. I went through something like this a few months ago and I can relate so hard. Thanks for sharing such thoughtful reflections. I hope everything’s okay though!

    • Thanks, Cathy. Things are getting better, slowly. The whole adding only one thing to your to do list at a time really creates a lot of clarity about what is important, and that helps a lot.

      • That’s awesome. Overwhelmed as you may be, you definitely sound like you have your ish together. Hope you don’t stay away too long 🙂

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