Respect Your Sport

The mountain doesn’t care that you have a full time job and go to school full time. There’s only one summit – and the fitness demands to reach it are the same regardless of our time to train, fitness level arriving, age, etc.Mountain Athlete Website


I love this quote, because it so succinctly sums up the importance of disciplined training for your sport. Pole doesn’t involve exposure to the elements or the intense duration of mountain sports, but it does involve supporting your body weight at the limits of your flexibility, sometimes upside down. The point is the same. Take the time to train properly, or else bear the consequences.

What this looks like for pole dancers:

  1. Ample, thoughtful, crosstraining. 
  2. Warming up before you engage in either dance or flexibility training. Be sure to warm up the specific motions that you will be using in your dance.
  3. Master fundamentals before moving on to more difficult moves.
  4. Eat right.
  5. Sleep enough. 
  6. Be present and pay attention to your body and your movement.
  7. Structure your training cyclically around your competitions.
  8. Rest enough.
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  1. Dorien

     /  June 25, 2014

    I’m getting ready for my second comp this year. I do everything that you have mentioned above, including trying to sleep earlier. The result is interrupted sleep:-( This leaves me very anxious & prone to injury. I keep trying.


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