I Was Almost a Pole Dancer….

I am a returned Peace Corps Volunteer, something that still shapes my thoughts and attitudes about a lot of different things in my life.

The quickest way to make me judge you is to say something along the lines of “I almost did Peace Corps.” 

You either do something or you don’t. 

I’ve still been out of practice with pole, due to mostly to my mysterious toe injury and also some other goals that need to come first. I’ve noticed that I’ve started thinking about pole in past tense, and that needs to stop. I don’t want to almost have been a pole dancer. 

I’m working through the other goals that need to come first (things like graduating, finding a new place to live, and finding ways to increase my income so that I can afford more pole…) But I’ve noticed I’ve slipped on a lot of maintenance things that have nothing to do with my toe. My diet is sloppy. My sleep habits are sloppy. Pole requires discipline; but it’s hard to be disciplined when you were a dancer instead of when you are a dancer. 

Enough with words like “almost” and “have been.” Athleticism requires a full complement of physical and mental training, and much of that can be done with an injury. I’ve worked hard to build up disciplined habits of mental visualization, sleep, and diet. Time to go back to those basics until I can start actually training on the pole again. I am a pole dancer. Who are you? 

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