It’s Not Your Decision

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  1. “You don’t get to choose if your routine is good enough” – YES! Last year there were a couple of girls who didn’t get in that I was convinced would be in, and the other way around, and I’m sure the same will happen this year. Part of why I’m happy to not be involved in the judging at all 😉

    What people can (and should) control – good enough lighting and video quality that we can see your face, wide enough video angle that it doesn’t cut off your limbs, and loud enough music that we can hear the song and see your connection to it! It’s amazing how many people fail on one or more of those.. 🙂

  2. this is an excellent kick in the ass message for MOST life things. love it 😉

    • True. Applies to applying for jobs, schools, and scholarships, asking for raises, asking people out on dates… lots and lots of things. People in general just need to start asking more. It’s not like being rejected will make your situation worse, so there’s really not that much to lose.


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