I went to pole and it made me cry

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Why Being Too Injured to Pole is Awesome?

So…. I severely strained a muscle in the side of my back doing this really cool move called the batwing. When I say severely, I mean that I was in pain immediately, and then woke up at 4 am in even more pain over a week after it happened and cried all the way to the doctor’s office. Now I’m grounded from pole and stuck taking lots of Ibuprofen, resting, and icing instead of dancing. In an effort to be a glass half full type of person, here are the best parts about being injured.

  1. I have time to write more blogs about pole! Seriously, I have the next two months already written. Lucky you, readers!
  2. I can paint my toenails without the paint being immediately scraped off. I’m thinking pink; I’ve been feeling kind of girly lately.
  3. I can wear lotion! I forgot how nice my skin looks when it’s not covered in dry hands and flaking off from lack of moisture.
  4. On a related note, the callouses on my hands have subsided to the point where I can wipe my nose without drawing blood wherever my callouses scrape my skin. I think I’ll need to be injured for several more weeks (possibly months) before I have soft hands though.
  5. I can watch more pole videos on YouTube!
  6. I think my toe point is getting better, since pretty much the only exercising I’m doing is to flex and point my toes. Maybe I’ll be able to be a ballerina after this. Like a really uncoordinated but strong caterpillar who is really bad at metaphors who gets stuck in a cocoon like injury and then emerges as a ballerina pole dancer.
  7. Based on what I wrote in number 6, I think I better list pain medication as a benefit.